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You are now able to book lessons online via the online booking system below.  Due to Covid Lockdown at present please only book PRIVATE lessons UNLESS you are in a family group (from 3rd December):

  • 30 minute private session: £35.00
  • 45 minute private session: £40.00
  • 60 minute private session: £45.00
  • 45 minute semi private session: £45.00 
  • 1 hour semi private session : £50.00 
  • 1 hour group session (3 riders max): £60.00 

Simply select the session you want from the list along the top, pick your date and time and book on.  If you are booking a Group (3 people) or a Semi Private Session (2 people) please can you include names, phone numbers and details for all people attending in the Notes box.

Please note that safety measures are in place - there is Virkon disinfectant at both gateways to please disinfect before and after use - this is ESSENTIAL - and please do not handle arena gate or showjumps or ANY other site equipment. If you develop symptoms that could be Covid-19 then please cancel immediately and you will be refunded in full - the usual 24hr cancellation policy will not apply. Please mount outside and check all tack before entry as I cannot do so at present. Thank you very much for your help to keep us all safe.

When do you want to come in? Please select the day and time for your reservation. You can scroll through the lists of available days and times to find the most suitable time for your reservation.