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What Is The Testt® Process?

As equestrians it is a generally an acknowledged and desirable goal to be a better, more effective rider and to have a more positive influence on the horse, enabling it to perform better and in greater comfort. The Testt® process helps facilitate this.

Testt® is the “Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests” and is an incredible and unique system devised by world leading educator on rider asymmetry Andy Thomas MCSP, HCPC. Over the past 15 years he has used his system on over 14,000 riders from novice to Olympic and World Champions in all disciplines.

From 20 years of rider assessments, Andy has identified three different types of pelvic asymmetry and correction that have a profound effect on both rider and horse performance, and this forms the basis of the process.

Sarah is currently completing her certification as a coach in using the Testt® process and has found that it can bring huge benefits to riders both on the flat and over fences and she uses Testt® daily herself!

Among the many benefits Testt® can bring are –

  • Improving rider awareness of what “correct” feels like – whatever it is they want to correct in their position
  • Better balance – whether through turns or in terms of position
  • Better acceptance of the contact and engagement of the hindleg
  • Better balance over the fence
  • Better stability of the rider on a young/unbalanced horse

To book a Testt® based training session please visit the Lessons page.

Please note that Testt® Certified Coaches are NOT Therapists or practitioners and have not been educated in any hands on Therapy modality to correct asymmetries.